Ghar Ka Call Boy Primeplay Web Series Watch Online All Episodes

Ghar Ka Call Boy PrimePlay Web Series Watch Online

Primeplay app, known for its exceptional lineup of web series, has recently released an intriguing show called “Ghar Ka Call Boy” on its official platform. This gripping web series explores the life of a young man who works as a call boy, keeping his secret life hidden from his family. With a talented cast and an engaging storyline filled with drama, emotions, and unexpected twists, “Ghar Ka Call Boy” promises to captivate viewers from start to finish.

Ghar Ka Call Boy Web Series Cast

The web series “Ghar Ka Call Boy” is divided into two parts, with Part 1 consisting of three episodes, each running for 20-25 minutes. The talented cast includes Pratham Verma, Manish Patel, Bharti Jha, Kaira Shehgel, Sarita, Bhumi, and Teena, who bring their skills to breathe life into the characters and make the series a compelling watch.

Ghar Ka Call Boy Web Series Release Date

Fans of Primeplay eagerly await the release of each episode, and “Ghar Ka Call Boy” is no exception. The web series premiered on the official Primeplay app on June 2, 2023, and has already gained attention and appreciation from viewers due to its unique concept and brilliant execution. With its intriguing storyline and stellar performances, “Ghar Ka Call Boy” is set to enthrall audiences.


Ghar Ka Call Boy Web Series Storyline

“Ghar Ka Call Boy” follows the captivating life of the protagonist, a young man who works as a call boy. The series gradually unravels the complexities of his life and the events that unfold. In the first episode, viewers are introduced to the lead actor and his family dynamics. The boy’s choice to work as a call boy and his decision to keep it a secret from his family are explored. Adding to the intrigue, his stepmother constantly teases him, hinting at an unusual relationship.

As the series progresses, the second episode introduces new characters who further develop the plot. Bharti Jha, Arohi Barde, and Kaira Shehgal portray a trio of friends who decide to hire a male performer before Kaira’s wedding night. However, a twist arises when Kaira discovers that the performer is her own cousin. This revelation adds complexity and tension to the story, leading to unexpected consequences.

The third episode takes the storyline to another level with an intriguing twist. Kaira confronts Pratham, the call boy, about the night she witnessed him with her friends. Pratham apologizes and expresses his willingness to make amends. Kaira reveals the strict family rules and her lack of a boyfriend, making their situation even more complicated. As the episode progresses, Pratham expresses his desire for a connection with a virgin girl, hinting at the tantalizing possibilities that lie ahead.

With its captivating storyline, talented cast, and unexpected twists, “Ghar Ka Call Boy” on Primeplay is set to offer an engaging and entertaining experience for viewers. The web series has already made an impact with its unique concept and brilliant execution. As the episodes progress, audiences can look forward to more drama, emotions, and suspense. The next set of “Ghar Ka Call Boy” episodes will be released on the Primeplay app next Friday, leaving viewers eagerly anticipating the continuation of this enthralling web series.

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