Rajnigandha Movie Cast, Release Date, Story & Watch on Mx Player

Rajnigandha is the latest Hindi language Movie from Mx Player. The movie is available to watch online on Mx Player app for free. The total duration of the movie is around 1hrs 10min. Rajnigandha Movies cast features Rajesh Sharma, Veebha Anand in the lead roles, and the movie is directed by Pritesh Kumar Srivastava. Rajnigandha movie release date is 21st June 2021

Rajnigandha is a heart-wrenching story of a father and daughter. The movie will be interesting to watch and all the viewers can watch it for free on Mx Player.

Rajnigandha Movie Cast

  • Rajesh Sharma
  • Veebha Anand
  • Taranjit Kaur
  • Ashok Pathak
  • Zoi Aggarwal
  • Vijay Dogra

Language: Hindi
Genre: Drama
Release Date: 21st June 2021
Created by – Abhishek Saxena
Director: Pritesh Kumar Srivastava
Produced By – Atul Kumar Dwivedi, Surender Suneja
Co-Produced By – Abhishek Saxena, Roopesh Kumar Dwivedi
Story, Screenplay & Dialogues -Shaheen Iqbal
Music – Sandy

Movie Story

Nazia was an arrogant, druggist and rough type of prostitute. Her treatment towards her customers was in an inferior way. Her actions made it appear as if she was allergic to the men. Still, her customers were fascinated by her and Pintu was one of those crazy customers. In that same red light area, Shabnam used to work. Shabnam had one daughter who was 5 years old. She fondly calls her “Gudia”. Earlier she had a husband whose name was Muneer. By promising her a better future, he ran away to the gulf country and got married once again. This is what was said to Shabnam and Gudia.

After a long time, Shabnam died. She had constant thoughts of Muneer. Gudia grew up to become Nazia and started doing the same business. The mother’s pain and the father’s hatred had turned Nazia’s heart and mind into stone. Due to this reason, Nazia hated men because she used to see Muneer in every man. But the fact about Muneer was in fact fallacious which was said to Shabnam and Nazia.

When Muneer came back after 14-15 years his condition, as well as his appearance, was quite different. After doing a lot of research he found about Shabnam who is dead and Nazia. Muneer kept crying about his misfortune and then he went to his daughter and confessed his mistake as his sin. Also, he asks her to get out of the red light area and take her somewhere to a better place. But Muneer is thunderstruck by listening to Gudia turned Nazia’s answer.

Nazia says that she will come with him on one condition. Her mother lived her life as a prostitute for 15 years but he has to live the life of the pimp for at least 15 days and after completing this task she will come anywhere he has asked her to come. Every punishment can be repaired. But Muneer had never dreamed that he has to repair his punishment in this way. Now he had no option because he has only one person in his life who was Nazia and to repair all his sins he had to do what Nazia had asked to get her back in his life.


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