Walkman Part 2 Web Series Watch Online On Ullu App

Walkman Part 2 Web Series Watch Online On Ullu App

Walkman Part 2 web series is released today on the Ullu App OTT platform. The Walkman web series cast features Ridhima Tiwari, Kasim, Dheeraj, Komal Sharma, and Aayushi Jaiswal in the lead roles. Aayushi Jaiswal’s web series are releasing back to back with her bold and erotic roles of her in the series. Walkman Part 1 was released on 30 September 2022 and the second part was released today i.e. 7 October 2022 after a gap of one week.

This web series is directed by one of the best directors SSK. All the web series released are only suitable for audiences above certain age groups. This post is about the Walkman web series cast, release date, story, and watch online.

Walkman Part 2 Web Series Story

A newlywed Roshini is disheartened when her dreams and aspirations are left short-lived, both on and off the bed. In a twist of fate, Roshini gets hold of a few tapes containing venereal tales. This becomes an avenue of color in her monochromatic life, and takes Roshini on a roller coaster of fun and exciting adventures of sensuality!

As Roshini’s fantasies peak her libido, she starts losing control and gives into her temptations with each tape. The new addiction of venereal tales through her Walkman leads her into a haze of confusion between what is real and what is her imagination.

Walkman part 2 Web Series

The second part web series starts with Roshini goes to the doctor and there she meets Neha. Neha told her about the doctor and then Roshini got shocked to see Neha getting intimate with the doctor. When she reached home she puts a cassette in the walkman and started to listen to the story.

On the other hand, Manoj tries his best to solve his problem so he can satisfy Roshini. One day Manoj’s friend Chandan came home and he got fantasies about her. The next episode shows that Chandan gives the cassette to Manoj and he got to know about what Roshini is listening in the walkman. What will be his reaction of Manoj about this and how he would react to know watch the full web series on the Ullu App.

Walkman part 2 contains the bold scenes of Noor Malabika in episode 1 and Aayushi Jaiswal in the third episode. Watch online all three episodes of Walkman Part 2 on the Ullu App. The total duration of Part 2 is about 1 hrs 21 minutes. Walkman Part 3 will be released next week.

To know the full story and what will happen next watch the complete web series on Ullu App. Walkman web series release date is 30 September 2022. The web series cast features Riddhima Tiwari, Aayushi Jaiswal, and Kamalika Chanda. The web series contains bold scenes which are famous for Ullu.

Walkman Web Series Cast

  • Ridhima Tiwari as Roshni
  • Kasim as Manoj
  • Dheeraj as Chandan
  • Komal Sharma as Daya Bhabhi
  • Aayushi Jaiswal as Sunita

Walkman Part 2 Web Series Details

Title – Walkman Part 2
Cast – Ridhima Tiwari, Kasim, Dheeraj, Komal Sharma, Ayushi Jaiswal
Genre – Erotic, Drama
Type – Web Series
Total Episodes – 3
Duration – 1hrs 21 minutes
Director – SSK
Release Date – 7 October 2022
OTT Platform – Ullu App
Language – Hindi
Country – India


Q. Walkman Web Series Cast?

Ans. Ridhima Tiwari, Kasim, Dheeraj, Komal Sharma, Ayushi Jaiswal

Q. Walkman Part 2 Web Series Release Date?

Ans. 7th October 2022
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