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Game of the sexes is about breaking the barrier by bringing all genders together on the same cricket field. What’s amazing is that we have a chance to make this into a reality.

Game Of The Sexes Web Series Cast

  • Rumana Molla
  • Zeeshan Khan
  • Rahul Jaitty
  • Shobhit Attray
  • Mamta Kumari
  • Vindya Tiwari
  • Sneha Wagh
  • Piyush Ranade

Game Of The Sexes Web Series Details

TitleGame of the Sexes
CastRumana Molla, Zeeshan Khan, Rahul Jaitty, Shobhit Attray, Mamta Kumari, Vindya Tiwari, Sneha Wagh, Piyush Ranade
Genre18+, Drama
TypeWeb Series
DirectorDeepak Pandey
Online Video PlatformEORTV
LanguageHindi, Marathi

EORTV, the Premier Video on Demand, Over The Top (OTT) media service platform with a differentiated philosophy to focus on the LGBTQ audiences and other communities announces a web series based on cricket titled, ‘Game of the Sexes’.

Starring in it are an impressive 65 member cast including Shahbaaz Khan, Rumana Molla, Sachin Verma, Sneha Bagh, Riya Deepsi, Ishani Sharma, Vindiya Tiwari, Piyush Ranade, Shobhit Attray & Rajkumar amongst others. 

Created and directed by award winning director & producer, Deepak Pandey,  ‘Game of the Sexes’ is themed around the game of cricket in a first-ever challenging format. The concept is in sync with EORtv’s Mission to be inclusive and create acceptance for all communities in society by eliminating any kinds of biases based on gender stereotypes and sexual orientation and highlight gender equality. The show starts shoot from January 2021 in Shirdi Sai Public School, Moradabad.

This story shows her struggle and the trouble she endures to make her dream come true. “With this cricket based series Game of the sexes, EORtv aims to champion human spirit in the face of unprecedented danger and celebrate the bravery and determination while keeping the sensitivity of the topic in mind,” said Deepak Pandey Director. 

Talking about his character in the show, Shahbaaz said, “Well, I play a retired coach who has stopped practising for traumatic past reasons. My character is named Prakash Shetty. It will be the first time that I’ll be seen in a south-Indian character. Shetty, initially, doesn’t believe that a mixed gender cricket is possible.

However, later with the turn of events, he agrees to coach the team to play one of a kind cricket. The entire web-series is packed with many emotions like that of romance, jealousy, revenge, drama. It’s an overall package. I think, if a person watches the initial episodes, he or she will be intrigued to binge watch the entire series and I can vouch for that”.

Game of The Sexes Trailer

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