Garima Jain Web Series Watch Online

Garima Jain Web Series Watch Online

Garima Jain is a popular Indian actress. She has acted in Tv Show, Web Series and Films. here we are going to tell you about the web series in which Garima Jain had worked and how you can watch it online. Garima Jain acted in web series like Gandii Baat 4, X.X.X Season 2, Mastram, Twisted 3, Gaachi.

We have created a list of her web series. All the web series mentioned here are suitable to be viewed only by adults.

1. Gandii Baat 4 (AltBalaji)

Gandii Baat 4 web series released on 7 January 2020. In this season Garima Jain portrayed the role of Kamlesh in episode 3 titled “Mera Pyaar Paan Nahi Jisme Tum Chuna Laga Do”. This web series is directed by Sachin Mohite. The story revolves around a stand-up comedian Jayant hates his demeaning wife. He looks online to buy almeri and meets widow Kamlesh, becoming friends then lovers. Jayant purchases Almera from her but when he opens it at home, he finds Kamlesh’s husband’s corpse. Later, Kamlesh reveals that she killed her villainous husband. Gandii Baat 4 web series is available to watch online on AltBalaji App.

Gandii Baat Season 4 - Garima Jain

2. X.X.X Season 2 (AltBalaji)

X.X.X Season 2 was released on 8 February 2020. She was featured in episode 5 titled Insecure Husband. In this web series, she portrayed the role of Kavya. X.X.X Season 2 web series is available for streaming on AltBalaji App.

XXX Season 2

3. Mastram (Mx Player)

Mastram web series is released on the Mx Player app on 30 April 2020. She acted in Episode 6 of season 1 as Abhinetri Indurekha. The audience loved her performance. Mastram web series is available for streaming free on MxPlayer.

Mastram - Garima Jain

4. Twisted 3 (Jio Cinema)

Twisted Season 3 is a Hindi web series written by Vikram Bhatt, directed by Krishna Bhatt and Abhishek Mamgain. The series will be released on 11th Nov. 2020. Twisted 3 is all about twisted and dirty political and murderous games being played within a corporate family running a multi-millionaire business to acquire the business in their own hands. Twisted Season 3 web series is available on Jio Cinema App.

Twisted Season 3 - Garima Jain

5. Gaachi (Ullu)

Gaachi is a newly released web series of Garima Jain. The web series is released on the Ullu OTT platform on 21 January 2022. The web series story revolves around a male-dominated village. The male used to disrespect the woman. So together they decide to fight for their rights and dignity against the social norms and injustice in a place. The web series is available on Ullu App for streaming.

Gaachi Web Series - Garima Jain

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