Watch Online Soone Alfaz Web Series BollyFame Cast, Release Date

Soone Alfaz Web Series BollyFame Cast, Release Date, Watch Online

Soone Alfaz is the last released web series from Bollyfame App. Soone Alfaaz is an 18+, Erotic, Murder Mystery web series. Soone Alfaaz web series release date is 25 June 2021. Soone Alfaaz web series cast Mishti Basu, Abhishek Francis, Vaanya Singh Rajput in the lead roles. Mishti Basu last seen in City web series from Dreams Films App.

Soone Alfaz web series is available to stream online on Bollyfame App for 199 Bollyfame coins which cost around Rs 300 for a web series. Bollyfame App has released four web series in just Two weeks Haal E Dil, Spa Secrets, Junoon, and the latest is Soone Alfaz.

Soone Alfaz Web Series Story

Soone Alfaz web series is a Murder mystery. Three friends planned a holiday at a farmhouse with their girlfriends. One of them is a very rich and arrogant businessman and the owner of the farmhouse. Another is a corrupt police officer and the last one is from a middle-class family. The businessman’s girlfriend is an actress and a high-class escort which he is unaware of but the police officer knows and is looking to use it as leverage to get with her. One girl is very possessive and the other is greedy for money. They are all here to use each other and in the middle of the holiday, the mysterious death of the actress causes a lot of distress and fear. Is there someone else in the farmhouse or was she murdered by one of them?

Watch Online Soone Alfaz web series on Bollyfame App. The web series was released on 25th June 2021.

Soone Alfaz Web Series Details

TitleSoone Alfaz
Cast – Mishti Basu, Vaanya Singh Rajput, Arohi Barde, Samarth, Shaha Noor, Dambla, Abhishek Francis
Genre – 18+, Murder Mystery
Director – Vikrant Singta
Produced by – Rauff Shaikh, Prashant J.
Release Date – 25th June 2021
Online Video Platform (OTT) – Bollyfame
Language – Hindi

Soone Alfaz Web Series Trailer

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