Watch Online Choodiwala Part 1 Web Series All Episodes On Ullu App

Watch Online Choodiwala Part 1 Web Series All Episodes On Ullu App

Choodiwala web series is released today on the Ullu App. It is a Hindi language erotic genre web series. The web series release date is 5 July 2022. Choodiwala web series cast features Pallavi Debnath and Aliya Naaz in the lead roles. Back to Back web series of Pallavi Debnath is releasing on different OTT platforms. This web series is directed by Ankur Kakatkar.

Watch online Choodiwala web series all episodes on the Ullu App. Choodiwala web series has a total of two episodes and the total duration is around 40 minutes. All the recent releases of the Ullu App are only suitable for viewers above 18 years of age. Recently they released the web series titled Sursuri-Li, Jaal, Dunali, and more web series are yet in the pipeline.

Choodiwala Part 1 Web Series Story

Murari isn’t just your regular Choodiwala who goes village to village selling bangles, instead he also provides his customers with physical pleasure. Sangeeta, Kajri and Bhuri are enamored by the vibrant shimmer of the bangles and give in physically to the charming Choodiwala.

The web series starts with Murari selling the bangles on his cycle. He first met with Bhuri and asked her if she wants to purchase bangles but she refused. The next scene shows Kajri fighting his husband on p.c.o because he has not sent the money from the city. Lalaji offers to give her money. The third lady is Sangeeta who is the wife of the Sarpanch. There is an intercourse scene between Sarpanch and Sanjana but he was unable to give her pleasure. Bhuri doesn’t like her bare hand so she asked money from her husband. Her husband told her to give money on Monday. Bhuri is also not getting pleasure from her husband. The next day Murari goes to the Kajari house because she wants to wear bangles. Then they both got intimate.

Choodiwala Part 1 Web Series

Second part of the web series shows Sangeeta calling the bangle seller because she wants to buy bangles. When Sangeeta was wearing bangles she got excited with the touch of Murari and starts to dream about intimacy with Murari. Sangeeta calls him at night 2 o’clock from the back door. Murari comes to Sangeeta’s house at 2 o’clock. Sangeeta took him inside her house and get intimate with him. To know the full story of the web series watch it on Ullu App

Part 2 of the Choodiwala web series will be released next week. In part 1 web series Aliya Naaz and Ankita Bhatacharya have bold scenes. While part 2 has bold scenes of Pallavi Debnath also. Pallavi Debnath’s web series is releasing one by one on different OTT platforms. Her upcoming web series is Shilajit.

Choodiwala Web Series Cast

  • Pallavi Debnath as Bhuri
  • Akshay Milind as Lala
  • Kishor Yelne as Murari
  • Vinod Singh as Triloki
  • Aliya Naaz as Sangeeta
  • Ankita Bhatacharya as Kajri

Choodiwala Part 1 Web Series Details

Title – Choodiwala Part 1
Cast – Pallavi Debnath, Aliya Naaz, Akshay Milind, Kishor Yelne, Vinod Singh, Ankita Bhatacharya
Genre – Erotic, Drama
Type – Web Series
Total Episodes – 2
Total Duration – 40 minutes
Director – Ankur Kakatkar
Release Date – 5 July 2022
OTT Platform – Ullu App
Language – Hindi
Country – India


Q. Choodiwala Web Series Cast?

Ans. Aliya Naaz, Pallavi Debnath, Akshay Milind, Kishor Yelne

Q. How to Watch Online Choodiwala Web Series on Ullu App?

Ans. Download Ullu App. Take a subscription of the Ullu App and enjoy the web series.

Q. Choodiwala Web Series Release Date?

Ans. 5th July 2022
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