Watch Online Jaal Part 1 Web Series All Episodes On Ullu App

Watch Online Jaal Part 1 Web Series All Episodes On Ullu

Jaal Part 1 is the latest released web series by the Ullu App. It is a Hindi language web series. Jaal Part 1 web series release date is 21 June 2022 next part of the web series will be released next week on Ullu. Jaal web series cast features Ramesh Goyal, Ashraf Saifi, Donna Munshi, and Taniya Chatterjee in the lead roles. The web series is directed by A V. It is one of the boldest web series by Ullu App.

Watch online Jaal Part 1 web series all episodes on Ullu App from today. Jaal web series is appropriate for audiences above 18 years of age. Jaal Part 1 has a total of 3 episodes and the total duration of the web series is around 63 minutes. Ullu app is known for releasing back-to-back erotic web series. All the web series are loved by the viewers. This web series also has mango pulp licking scene from the body.

Jaal Part 1 Web Series Story

A story of lust and deceit, where a girl finds herself estranged in a household of a dysfunctional family. Wherein she seeks to avenge herself from every man of the family and eradicating the whole patriarchy from the family.

Jaal starts with an old man named Dheeraj who was well he was walking on the balcony with Chinga. He loves Chinga as his son. Suddenly a beer bottle fells from the rooftop so he told Chinga to check who is drinking this. The next scene shows Anmol and Nidhi playing truth and dare and Nidhi loses it. As punishment Anmol gives dares to open the button of her shirt and then kiss him and they both got intimate. Suddenly Chinga came to call them. Nidhi tells Anmol that she didn’t like it when he do foreplay as Devar & Bhabhi. Dheeraj runs a school. When Dheeraj was going to school Chinga saw that he has put his hands on Rani which Chinga didn’t like. Anmol asked his father to give him the signing authority of the school but he refuses. He caught his other son stealing money from his locker.

Jaal Part 1 Web Series

Anmol has fantasies about doing foreplay. He has a relationship with Surekha wife of his brother Vijay. When they were having intercourse a man saw Dheeraj and Rani, Anmol and Surekha from the window with binoculars and tell it to someone. In the third episode, Dheeraj was killed by someone. The next day nurse came from the hospital where the postmortem has done and told them that his father was sexually active and blackmailed them. Vijay’s daughter Khushi was been kidnapped by someone and asked for 50 lakhs. When they both reached home Chinga told Vijay why Anmol received the call on this. Anmol told inflow that Khushi is his daughter everyone got shocked to hear including Nidhi. Nidhi gives them punishment by taking Vijay into the room and getting intimate with him.

The next part teaser shows that the kidnapper enters the house and in the fight, he shoots Anmol. To know what will happen next watch the web series. Jaal Part 1 streaming online on Ullu App. It is the story of lust and deceit. The web series features actresses like Donna Munshi, Taniya Chatterjee and Muskan Agarwal. Ullu App’s next release will be Dunali Season 2 Part 3 web series

Jaal Web Series Cast

  • Ramesh Goyal as Dheeraj
  • Ashraf Saifi as Vijay
  • Abhi Rizvi as Anmol
  • Donna Munshi as Nidhi
  • Taniya Chatterjee as Surekha
  • Hrithik Yadav as Chinga
  • Muskaan Agarwal as Rani

Jaal Web Series Details

Title – Jaal Part 1
Cast – Ramesh Goyal, Ashraf Saifi, Abhi Rizvi, Donna Munshi, Taniya Chatterjee, Hrithik Yadav, Muskaan Agarwal
Genre – Erotic, Drama
Type – Web Series
Director – A V
Release Date – 21 June 2022
OTT Platform – Ullu App
Language – Hindi
Country – India


Q. Jaal Web Series Cast?

Ans. Ramesh Goyal, Ashraf Saifi, Abhi Rizvi, Donna Munshi, Taniya Chatterjee

Q. How to Watch Online Jaal Part 1 Web Series on Ullu App?

Ans. Download Ullu App. Take a subscription of the Ullu App and enjoy the web series.

Q. Jaal Part 1 Web Series Release Date?

Ans. 21st June 2022
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