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Navel Of Love Web Series Ullu Cast, Actress, Release Date, Story & Watch Online

Today Ullu App has released its new web series Navel of Love. It is a Hindi language web series belonging to the genre of erotic, thriller. Navel of Love web series cast Rohini Chatterjee and other cast details will be updated soon. Navel of Love web series release date is 22 February 2022. The trailer of the series looks interesting.

Navel Of Love web series is directed by Soumya Roy. It has a total of three episodes. The total duration of the series is around 77 minutes minutes. Watch online Navel of Love web series all episodes on the Ullu App. It is only suitable for audiences above 18 years of age.

Navel Of Love Web Series Story

Obsessed with women’s navels, Debo gets married but never even sees his wife Mouni’s face. Ranjit, Debo’s elder brother suggests that she should attract Debo using her Navel. But she ends up falling for Ranjeet. This accidental mistake changes everything and Mouni meets a brutal end.

The web series story revolves around a newly married couple Mouni & Debo. Debo didn’t want to didn’t like Mouni but Mouni always tries to impress him. One day Debo gave the party to their friends where Mouni get to know about Debo’s previous girlfriend and his fantasy towards his girlfriend’s navel from Ranjit Debo’s elder brother. On that night Mouni made a drawing on her navel and Debo was impressed by her and being intimate with her.

Navel Of Love Web Series Watch online

In the second episode, it shows that Mouni gets to know Debo only likes her navel, not her. On the next day, he told all the things that happened to Ranjit. Ranjit told their problem between him and his wife Anchal. They were discussing the problem they both got attracted to each other and were being intimate. One day when Debo went out for some work, Mouni & Ranjit get some time to spend but Debo forgets something at his house so he returned and where he saw his elder brother with a girl but he didn’t know that it is his wife.

In the third episode, it shows that Mouni wants to end everything between her and Ranjit. When Ranjit returns home his wife sees a lipstick mark on his shirt and she asks him where he was Ranjit told that he was with Debo. So to confirm she called Debo and he told all the incidents that were happened in the morning. Then she asks Debo to get the proof and is told they will be found at the studio. Debu clicks some pictures and sends it to their Bhabhi and Bhabhi told it is your wife Mouni. And when Debo returns home Mouni told she wants to separate from him. Debo says he is sorry for everything and asks for a chance and Mouni agrees for it. When Debo saw the navel of Mouni during the romance he remembered about his wife and Ranjit and got angry then he picked up the knife and Mouni met with a brutal end

Navel Of Love web series watch online on Ullu App from today 22 February 2022. Navel Of Love web series cast Rohini Chatterjee in the lead role. It is the debut web series of Rohini Chatterjee,

Navel Of Love Web Series Cast

  • Rohini Chatterjee as Mouni
  • Jeet Sundor as Debo
  • Saikat Haldar as Ranjit
  • Antara Banerjee as Anchal

Navel Of Love Ullu Web Series Details

Title – Navel Of Love
Cast – Rohini Chatterjee, Jeet Sundor, Saikat Haldar, Antara Banerjee
Genre – 18+, Erotic
Type – web series
Director – Soumya Roy
Release Date – 22 February 2022
Duration – 76 minutes
OTT Platform – Ullu App
Language – Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu
Country – India


Q. Navel Of Love Web Series Cast?

Ans. Rohini Chatterjee, Jeet Sundor, Saikat Haldar

Q. How to Watch Online Navel Of Love Web Series on Ullu App?

Ans. Download Ullu App from Playstore. Take a subscription of the Ullu App and enjoy the web series.

Q. Navel Of Love Web Series Release Date?

Ans.22nd February 2022
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