Watch Online Palang Tod Gaon Ki Garmi 2 Part 1 Web Series on Ullu App

Watch Online Palang Tod Gaon Ki Garmi 2 Part 1 Web Series on Ullu App

Gaon Ki Garmi Season 2 web series is released today on Ullu App after almost 10 months from season 1. It is from Ullu App one of the popular series Palang Tod. Some of the previous releases in the Palang Tod series are Caretaker 2, Blackmail, Saas Bahu and NRI, Kirayedaar, Friend Request and many more.

Gaon Ki Garmi Season 2 web series cast includes Mahi Kaur, Anupam Gahoyi. The web series is directed by SSK. Finally, the hot and sexy Mami is returned with Gaon Ki Garmi 2. The web series is only suitable for audiences above 18 years and it belongs to the genre of Erotic, Drama.

Watch online Gaon ki Garmi season 2 all episodes on the Ullu App. The web series has a total three of episodes and the total duration of the series is around 54 minutes.

Gaon Ki Garmi Season 2 Web Series Story

 Palang Tod Gaon Ki Garmi 2 Part 1 web series

The web series shows that Madana and Mansi come to the house of their Bhaiya. Madan and his Bhaiya decide to drink together when they both were drinking Bhabhi give chakhna and after seeing her Madan started to imagine her bold fantasies. he got attracted towards the bhabhi and started to stare at her. The second episode starts with an intimate scene between the Bhaiya and Bhabhi. He was unable to satisfy her needs. So she goes to the washroom and started watching the bold film on her mobile while at the same time Madan came and saw her watching the bold films. They both got attracted to each other. One night Bhabhi hears the loud screaming off Mansi. On the next day, she saw marks on Mansi’s neck. She asked about the marks and what was happened to her. Then Mansi told her that Madan use to beat to show his love. Bhabhi started to ask more about it and Mansi explained all the things to her and show her some videos of BDSM. She tries it with the Bhaiya and started beating him but he got hurt. Then Mansi told her that it should be done with the women. Here the Gaon Ki Garmi 2 Part 1 web series story end. Watch the full web series on Ullu App.

Maami was troubled by the cold relationship with her husband. Her life was filled with new colors with the arrival of Mansi and Madan. She hoped that this would wake up some desires in Mama’s heart, but this curiosity of trying something new brought such a twist in her life that she had never imagined.

Gaon Ki Garmi 2 Web Series Cast

Mahi Kaur as Mami
Shabaaz Abdullah Badi as Madan
Anupam as Mama
Ragi as Mansi

Gaon Ki Garmi 2 Web Series Details

Title – Gaon Ki Garmi Season 2
Cast – Mahi Kaur (Mami), Shabaaz Abdullah Badi (Madan), Anupam (Mama), Ragi (Mansi)
Genre – Erotic, Drama
Type – web series
Series – PalangTod
Director – SSK
Release Date – 7 January 2022
Duration – 54 minutes
OTT Platform – Ullu App
Language – Hindi, Bhojpuri, English, Tamil
Country – India


Q. Gaon Ki Garmi 2 web series cast?

Ans. Mahi Kaur, Shabaaz Abdullah Badi, Anupam , Ragi

Q. How to watch online Gaon Ki Garmi 2 web series?

Ans. Download Ullu App from play store. Take subscription to Ullu App and enjoy the series.

Q. Gaon Ki Garmi 2 web series release date?

Ans. 7th January 2022
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