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Rikshawala Part 2 Web Series

The Rikshawala Part 2 web series has been making waves among fans of the erotic-drama genre, and all episodes can be watched online exclusively on the official Ullu app. With its engaging storytelling and captivating performances, Rikshawala Part 2 has garnered a good response from both fans and critics alike.

Rikshawala web series cast features Manvi Chugh, Jinnie Jazz, and Ruks Khandagale in the lead roles. Manvi Chugh plays the character of Nisha, while Jinnie Jazz portrays the role of Shikha. Ruks Khandagale is seen as Shalini. The series also stars Dhiraj Kumar Rai as Kundan, Abhinav Raja as Romil, Ashraf Ahmed as Jay, Viyanadadwani as Ritu, and Jitendra Singh Rajput as Prabhakar.

Rikshawala Part 2 Web Series Watch Online

Rikshawala Part 2 web series consists of 4-6 episodes, each with a runtime of 25-30 minutes. The story kicks off in the first episode with Kundan Rikshawala visiting Manvi Chugh’s house. Despite being initially turned away, Kundan manages to meet Manvi Chugh and confronts her about their love story. He reveals how her ex had approached him to plot revenge against her, setting the stage for the rest of the series.

The second episode of Rikshawala Part 2 sees Manvi Chugh torn between choosing Kundan or the man her family has suggested for her. Meanwhile, a parallel story unfolds as Manvi Chugh contemplates ending her life by tying a rope to the ceiling fan. The episode ends on a cliffhanger as Jinnie Jazz’s character catches Manvi Chugh and Kundan Rikshawala on the rooftop and confronts them. Kundan makes some demands, asking for 30 Lacs, which adds further intrigue to the plot.

In the third episode of Rikshawala Part 2, Kundan Rikshawala continues to meet Manvi Chugh as part of their planned plot. The web series leaves viewers on the edge of their seats with another hook scene between Manvi Chugh and Kundan Rikshawala, setting the stage for the upcoming Rikshawala Part 3.

Rikshawala Part 2 Ullu Web Series Watch Online

Rikshawala Part 2 web series has garnered attention for its visually gripping and captivating scenes featuring Manvi Chugh and Jinnie Jazz. The Ullu app promises to continue bringing exciting web series like Rikshawala Part 2, catering to the audience’s taste for thrilling and engaging content.

To catch all the episodes of the Rikshawala Part 2 web series and experience the electrifying drama, fans can watch online exclusively on the official Ullu app. With its intriguing plot, talented cast, and compelling performances, Rikshawala Part 2 is a must-watch for fans of erotic-drama web series. So, gear up for the next installment and get ready to be enthralled by the world of Rikshawala Part 2, now streaming on Ullu.

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