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Robot Web Series Cast, Release Date, Actress, Watch Online

Ullu App has released the Robot Part 2 web series. It is a Hindi language web series that belongs to the genre of Erotic, Drama. Robot Part 1 was released on 24 December 2021 and it has 4 episodes and also Robot Part 2 has 4 episodes and was released on 31 December 2021.

Robot web series cast Rachel Rodrigues, Naveen Bawa, Worship Khanna in the lead roles & the web series is directed by Raju Desai & Vishal Desai.

Both parts of the web series are available for streaming online on Ullu App. The total duration of both parts is around 2 hrs and 50 minutes. The web series is only suitable for audiences above 18 years of age.

Robot Part 2 Web Series Watch Online

Robot Part 2 Web Series Story

Robot Part 1 web series about a Robot named Rosy portrayed by Rachel Rodrigues. Mr. Chadda, the cunning head of customs, confiscates a Robot that is imported from Bangkok and hides it at his junior Anand’s home. Anxious and inquisitive Anand opens the box and finds the sexy robot “Rosy” and his life takes an unexpected turn. in the second part, the series carries forward the story.

Anand finds his lost confidence after the encounter with Rosy and admits his feelings for Shweta. On the other hand, Chadda and Gotefode want control over Rosy to fulfill their desires, but Rosy’s mechanical heart has started beating for Anand, and now she cannot be or see him with anyone else.

Robot Part 2 Web Series

Robot Web Series Cast

Rachel Rodrigues as Rosy Robot

Vijay Patkar as Dhurandar Gotephode

Naveen Bawa as B C Chadda

Worship Khanna as Anand Kumar

Puja Mukherji as Shweta

Robot Web Series Details

TitleRobot Part 2
CastRachel Rodrigues (Rosy Robot), Vijay Patkar (Dhurandar Gotephode), Naveen Bawa (B C Chadda), Worship Khanna (Anand Kumar), Puja Mukherji (Shweta)
Genre18+, Drama, Erotic, Romance
TypeWeb Series
DirectorRaju Desai & Vishal Desai
Robot Part 1 Release Date24 December 2021
Robot Part 2 Release Date 31 December 2021
Total Duration1 hrs 26 min + 1hrs 24 min = 2 hrs 50 min
Online Video PlatformUllu App

Part 2 Trailer

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