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Today Ullu App has released the latest part from Palang Tod series titled Sazaa Ya Mazaa. Sazaa Ya Mazaa is an 18+ erotic genre Hindi language web series. Palang Tod is one of the most famous series from Ullu App apart from Charmsukh. Sazaa Ya Mazaa web series cast Palak Singh, Yukta Parvi in the lead roles. The web series release date is 25th June 2021.

Watch Online Sazaa Ya Mazaa Palang Tod Web Series on Ullu App from today by taking subscription of Ullu App. Ullu App is known for its bold and erotic content. Ullu App last released web series is Rupaya 500 part 2.

Palang Tod Sazaa Ya Mazaa web series has a total of two parts each of the 26 min and 24 min. part 1 and part 2 respectively. The total duration of the Sazaa Ya Mazaa web series is 50 minutes. The web series is only suitable for the adult audiences.

Ullu App has released the trailer of the Sazaa Ya Mazaa Palang Tod web series 2 days ago on 22nd Jun 2021 on its official Youtube Channel and other social media platforms with the text Armaan dil mein jage hai beinteha lekin kya milega sukoon yaa milegi sazaa? “Sazaa Ya Mazaa”

The web series storyline is about In an attempt to revive a 5 year old affair, Majnu watches some sizzling videos which irritates his girlfriend Laila. Laila steals his phone and binges two hot videos. One is of a staunch devotee Priyanka who has sworn never get physically intimate while other is of a struggling actor who is discarded for his inability to perform in an intimate film scene.

Web series has total two stories in two different episodes. The first part of the web series starts with the couple trying to get in mood. So they both decide to watch adult film, here the first story start with two different people are bathing in the bathroom where they found a hole in their bathroom they can watch one another with the hole. After some time they get physical with one another. The girl have aids the men did not know about it. To know the full story of episode 1 watch it on Ullu App.

The second of story start with bold scenes where shooting was goin on. The male actor was not comfortable in doing bold scene while the female actress was very much comfortable. So the male actor decides to practice the bold scenes. First he tried practice it with the maid and then he decides to practice with the actress. Watch Online Sazaa Ya Mazaa web series on Ullu App to know the full story.

Sazaa Ya Mazaa Palang Tod Web Series Details

TitleSazaa Ya Mazaa
CastPalak Singh (Priyanka Tyagi) , Yukta Parvi (Nidhi Sharma), Zubeer Khan (Manoj Kumar), Aamir Mustaq (Manju)
Genre – 18+ Romance, Drama
Series – Palang Tod
Director – Sikander Qureshi
Release Date25th June 2021
Online Video Platform (OTT) – Ullu App
Language – Hindi

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