Watch Online Totka Web Series On Rabbit Movies Cast, Actress, Release Date

Watch Online Totka Web Series On Rabbit Movies Cast, Actress, Release Date

Totka web series is a freshly released web series on the Rabbit App OTT platform. It is a Hindi language erotic genre web series. Totka web series release date is 15 July 2022. Totka web series cast features Kriti Verma, Neha Mandal, Meetu Tomar in the lead roles. This web series is also directed by Parvez Alam.

Watch online Totka web series all the episodes on the Rabbit App. Only two episodes are released by the makers of total duration of around 40 minutes. This web series is only suitable for audiences above 18 years of age. Rabbit Movies last released web series is Sainyaa Salman.

Totka Web Series Story

Totka web series story revolves around a girl. The girl went to her village where she started to get visuals of a girl crying and seeking help. She wakes up from sleep and goes to the neighbor’s house seeking help from him. The girl is searching for something in the village. People in the village thought that there is an evil soul in the village and Ichhadhari Kumuk baba has helped them against ghosts.

The girl goes to Baba’s place to meet but she got fear after seeing what he is doing with a girl to get rid of the ghost. She explains her situation to the Baba. Some people give her an injection, due to which she becomes unconscious. When she wake up she finds herself locked in a room. To know the full story watch the web series.

Totka Web Series Watch Online

There’s one dhongi baba in the village who uses his power to get intimate with all ladies. There’s another lady who has spent her childhood in this village who comes after a long time and she recollects about the baba that how he has ruined his whole family life and now she wants to take revenge from baba. Now how does she take revenge on baba let’s check in the video. Totka web series episode 1 & episode 2 is streaming online on the Rabbit App. Totka web series cast includes Kriti Verma, Neha Mandal, Vinod Tripathi and more.

Totka Web Series Cast

  • Kriti Verma
  • Neha Mandal
  • Meetu Tomar
  • Vinod Tripathi
  • Deepak Sharma
  • Sahil Tyagi
  • Hussain Khan
  • Bhupendra Singh
  • Sarvez Khan
  • Akshay Kumar

Totka Web Series Details

Title – Sainyaa Salman
Cast – Kriti Verma, Neha Mandal, Meetu Tomar, Vinod Tripathi, Deepak Sharma, Sahil Tyagi
Genre – Erotic, Drama
Type – web series
Director – Parvez Alam
Release Date – 15 July 2022
OTT Platform – Rabbit Movies App
Language – Hindi
Country – India


Q. Totka web series cast?

Ans. Kriti Verma, Neha Mandal, Meetu Tomar, Vinod Tripathi, Deepak Sharma

Q. How to watch online Totka web series?

Ans. Download Rabbit Movies App from the play store to watch the web series.

Q. Totka web series release date?

Ans. 15th July 2022
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