Aamras Web Series Ullu Cast, Release Date, Actress, Watch Online

Aamras Web Series Ullu Cast, Release Date, Actress, Watch Online

Aamras web series is released by the Ullu app on its platform without releasing the trailer of the series. It is the story of an aspiring writer Vinay. He is very much interested in writing exotic stories.

Aamras web series cast includes Payal Patil, Bharti Jha, Arohi Barde, Frarhan S Ansari, Prity Dey, Seroshi Chatterjee, and Arita Paul in key roles. Aamras web series is another blockbuster released in the First Day First Show section of the Ullu App and the audiences are loving the performance of all the actors.

Aamras Ullu Web Series Cast

  • Payal Patil as Mrs. Ghosh
  • Farhan S Ansari as Vinay
  • Dharmendra Gupta as Mr. Ghosh
  • Kishore Bute as Vinay’s Father
  • Riya Barde as Chutki
  • Bharti Jha as Bua
  • Imran Shaikh as Puppy
  • Jaydeep Kalsi as Piyush
  • Amit Jambhekar as Lalaji
  • Suruchi Verma as Piyush’s Mother
  • Abhijeet Singh as Piyush’s Father
  • Prity Dey as Ravita
  • Krishnanand Tiwari as Hari Prasad
  • Seroshi Chatterjee as Kammo
  • Ishwar Aggarwal as Chottu
  • Arita Paul as Nillu
  • Kalyanidevi Jha as Banjaran

Aamras Ullu Web Series Story

The storyline of the Aamras web series revolves around Vinay, an aspiring writer who wants to write stories that will captivate the audience. On the insist of his father he started to work as an accountant for his father’s boss. One day when he was writing the story by mistake it comes in the hand of Mrs. Ghosh after that she tells him to narrate a story.

Vinay starts to narrate the story she likes the story so much that she puts herself in the story and starts to feel the pleasure. She likes the story so much that she started to hear one story daily from Vinay. Vinay also narrates erotic stories. The madam guides her to create more erotic and exotic stories.

Aamras Web Series Watch Online

The Aamras web series is directed by Himanshu Brahmabhati, who has done an exceptional job in bringing the storyline to life. The series is a combination of drama, romance, and fantasy, which makes it a must-watch for anyone who loves these genres.

Aamras Web Series Release Date

The Aamras web series has been released on April 1, 2023, and is available exclusively on the Ullu app. Each episode ranges in length from 25-30 minutes and is available in various languages such as Hindi, English, Bhojpuri, Kannada, Malayalam, Telugu, and Tamil. The web series is the latest addition to the already popular Ullu web series that the app has released throughout the years.

The Ullu app creators have outdone themselves by releasing four web series in a single day. Besides the Aamras Ullu web series, the app has released many other web series for its loyal fans. Charmsukh Jane Anjane Mein season 7 starring Jinnie Jazz, Kitty Party web series starring Pooja Poddar, Payal Patil, and others are also released.

To watch the Aamras web series, viewers can access the Ullu app, and buy the web series for 45rs only which they wants to watch. Aamras Ullu web series is a must-watch for anyone who loves drama, romance, and fantasy genres. The talented cast and exceptional direction make the series a hit among viewers.

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