Kitty Party Web Series Watch Online All Episodes on Ullu App

Kitty Party Web Series Watch Online

Kitty Party web series: is released recently on Ullu App. Ullu App has introduced a new section on their platform called First Day First Show in which users have to pay 45rs to watch a series. Kitty Party web series cast Pooja Poddar, Payal Patil, Poonam Rajput and Smita Paul in the lead roles. The web series release date is 1 April 2023.

Kitty Party web series all four web series are now released on the Ullu App. The web series is directed by Raifee. It has a total of four episodes and each episode is around 30 minutes in duration. Payal Patil was last seen in the Secretary web series while Pooja Poddar was last seen on Ullu App in the Love Guru Season 2 web series.

All the actors in the web series were fabulous in their roles. The web series belongs to the genre of erotic drama and it is liked by the viewers.

Kitty Party Web Series Cast

  • Pooja Poddar as Nidhi
  • Payal Patil as Janhvi
  • Poonam Rajput as Priya
  • Smita Paul as Riya
  • Shakespeare as Singh
  • Ali Shaikh as Gaurav
  • Gaurav Singh as Medical Store guy
  • Veehan Kapur as Massuer

Kitty Party Web Series Story

Kitty Party web series story revolves around four women friends. The web series starts with all four of them enjoying kitty party and then they decides to play a game truth and dare. In the first turn, it comes on Nidhi and she decided to tell the truth. Her friends asked her to tell the erotic encounter of her. She first hesitated and then she tell. She tells about her relationship with her husband and is unable to satisfy. Then one day she decided to call a massage parlor for massage. In place of a girl the owner of the parlor came. Then it shows how the conversation started between them and how they both end up getting intimate with each other.

Kitty Party Web Series

The second episode shows Priya played by Poonam Rajput tells the story same that how his husband can’t satisfy her. Her son is failed in maths test so she decides to meet his teacher and wants to talk about the tuition he agrees but by seeing the beauty of Priya. Then it shows how Priya came to know about the teacher’s intention and told him not to come and in the next test his son was being failed again by the teacher. Priya calls the teacher and she tells she is ready for what he wants but he could not fail his son in the future.

The third episode shows Janhvi played by Payal Patil it again shows the same as she was not satisfied with her husband. One day she decides to go to the medicine shop. Where she first hesitate to tell about her problem but when the medical shop owner asked several times she tell the story. He gave her a tablet but using it doesn’t show any significant impact. One day the medical shop owner came to her house for taking the review the tablet. Janhvi tells the story and then they both get intimate with each other.

In the fourth and last episode, Riya played by Smita Paul how got intimate with her colleague. At the end of the web series they all got to know with whom they are being intimate is their friend’s husband.

Kitty Party Web Series Watch Online

Kitty Party web series is now streaming on Ullu App. To watch this web series you have to buy this web series from the First Day First Show section of Ullu App for 45rs only. Kitty Party web series cast Payal Patil, Pooja Poddar, Poonam Rajput, Smita Paul and the web series is directed by Raifee.

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