Charamyog Web Series Watch Online

Charamyog Web Series Watch Online

Charamyog web series is released today on the PrimePlay App today. It is a Hindi language erotic genre web series from the makers of the series. Charamyog – Yogyapurush is the first web series from Charamyog series. Charamyog web series release date is 26 August 2022. Charamyog web series cast features Manvi Chugh, Aayushi Jaiswal and Neha Gupta in the lead role. This post is about Charamyog – Yogyapurush web series watch online, cast, release date, actress name, story and more.

Watch online Charamyog web series all two episodes now on the PrimePlay app. This web series is directed by Ravi Prasad. PrimePlay is the new released OTT platform which will catter the audience above 18 and it will be competing with Ullu App, Primeshots, CinePrime and more such apps. Charamyog – Yogyapurush has total of two episodes and the duration is around 56 minutes.


Charamyog web series is set in the backdrop of a village in which people of the village follows a tradition to find husband for the girls. In which the men from the village are selected and the girls spent a night to decided whether they both are compatible and the girl will be happy or not in the future.

Charamyog Web Series Cast

The web series story shows three girls Vimala, Paro and Suman. The village sarpanch has chosen men for them. They have to spent a night with them. Vimala and Suman already participated in this culture for 4 years but they can’t be able to find the groom for them. While it is the first year of Paro for this selection.

Vimala and Suman told their experince and types of men they met and those who can’t satisfy them. On the tradition day all three girls were dressed well and they were sent in a hut with a men each three men for three girls. Also this time the men is unable to satisfy the Vimala. While Paro has find a perfect match on the other hand Suman has bad experience in the night.

Paro is agreed for the marriage by seeing the photo of the men Paro has chosen Vimala got jealous. One the next night Vimala spent it with another guy which makes her feel pleasure but his looks was not good. To know what will happen will Vimala be able to find the perfect match or in jealousy she will make a wrong decision and regret it for the whole life to know watch the series.

Charamyog – Yogyapurush web series cast Manvi Chugh, Aayushi Jaiswal and Neha Gupta. This is the first web series of PrimePlay. PrimePlay app today released two web series another one is Paglet. This web series is directed by Ravi Prasad.

Charamyog Web Series Cast

  • Manvi Chugh as Vimala
  • Aayushi Jaiswal as Suman
  • Neha Gupta as Paro

How to Watch Online Charamyog Web Series

Charamyog web series is released today on the new ott platfom named PrimePlay App. They released two web series today Paglet and Charamyog and the trailer of the next web series is already released titled Vasu. PrimePlay app was made available on the playstore a few days ago.

Watch Online Charamyog web series by downloading PrimePlay App from the Playstore and App Store. Sign up or login then take the subscription of the app which are available at nominal yearly charges of Rs 299. For now only two web series is released.

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