Paglet PrimePlay Web Series Watch Online

Paglet Web Series Watch Online

Paglet web series is the latest and second release of the PrimePlay app after Charamyog today. The web series belongs to the genre of erotic drama. Paglet web series release date is 26 August 2022. The web series cast features Navin Kumar, Dev Dehman, Rajni Mehta, and Jaishree Gaikwad. In this post we have shared details about Paglet web series watch online, cast, release date, actress name, story and more.

Paglet web series watch online on the PrimePlay app now. This web series is directed by Sudhir Meshram. Three episodes of this web series are released and the total duration of it is around 1 hrs and 11 minutes. Paglet web series is only suitable for some specific group of audiences. Another release of the PrimePlay app is Charamyog featuring Manvi Chugh, Aayushi Jaiswal and Neha Gupta.


Paglet web series story is about a mentally ill boy whose age is 20 years and he behaves like he is a small kid. The first scene shows a newlywed couple is enjoying their wedding night suddenly Tinku enters in the room. Due to this Gehna was unable to enjoy their first night.

Paglet Web Series Cast

Gehna doesn’t like Tinku’s behavior she always keeps telling her husband that Tinku is fine and nothing has happened to him. So she tries to prove that she is right and then tries to seduce Tinku and does anything happen to him. She was shocked when she saw changes in Tinku’s pants after touching she thought that Tinku is not mentally ill.

Then Tinku’s brother sent him to Aunty house so she can take care of him. To know what will happen between Tinku and Aunty. Watch the web series Paglet all episodes on the PrimePlay App from today.

The web series was released with the synopsis “Mentally unstable boy Tinku leaving with his newly married elder brother and sister-in-law. Is Tinku really a mentally unstable boy or he is Just pretending for so Long? Find out whether he is able to make physical relationship with his mami and sister-in-law to fulfill his needs”

Paglet Web Series Cast

  • Navin Kumar
  • Dev Dehman
  • Rajni Mehta
  • Jaishree Gaikwad

How to Watch Online Paglet Web Series

Paglet web series is released today on the PrimePlay App. It is the second web series of this OTT platform. First release of the app is Charamyog. Total of three web series is released. Paglet web series cast includes Rajni Mehta, Jaishree and Navin Kumar in the lead.

To watch this web series download the prime play app from the play store or AppStore. Signup or login into the app and take the subscription to enjoy this web series and other upcoming series from the prime play app.

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