Devika Web Series Watch Online All Episodes On Hunters App

Devika Web Series Watch Online All Episodes On Hunters App

Devika web series is released recently on the Hunters app, featuring a twisted family drama with a focus on a woman who enters and threatens the good father-son relationship. The web series has received a good response from both fans and critics for its engaging storytelling and captivating performances. The erotic series consists of 5-6 episodes, each with a runtime of 25-30 minutes.

The web series is directed by a talented team of directors and features a talented cast that includes Aayushi Jaiswal, Khushi Mukherjee, Rit, and Jaya. The lead roles are played by Aayushi Jaiswal and Khushi Mukherjee, who deliver powerful performances that keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

Devika Web Series Watch Online

The first three episodes of the web series were released on 03 May 2023, and fans can watch all the episodes online on the Hunters app. The app has previously released other web series such as Sauda, featuring Bharti Jha, Soni Jha, and Jaishree Gaikwad in key roles.

The story of Devika begins with a woman who reaches out to her cousin brother and confesses that she has always fantasized about him and wanted to spend the night together before getting married. Although they do so, the experience is not romantic. Later, the father interrupts the brother-sister duo, causing the woman to panic. However, the father asks her to be with him as well, threatening to tarnish her reputation if she does not comply.

In episode 2, viewers are introduced to the lead character of the web series, Devika. Khushi Mukherjee plays the character of a social worker named Devika, who becomes an instant attraction when she rings the doorbell of a strange family where the father and son share women. Although she denies the father, she falls in love with the son and decides to marry him. However, the twist comes when the father tries to touch Devika, and she resists.

In episode 3, Devika’s daughter arrives at the house and feels strange when she discovers that her mother has married a young boy. It is later revealed that the young man is Aayushi Jaiswal’s college professor, and they had a fling before.

Devika Web Series Part 1 Watch Online

Devika web series episode 2 is the best, featuring Rit and Khushi Mukherjee in captivating avatars. The Hunters app promises to bring all-new exciting web series similar to Devika, and fans can expect more great content in the future.

In conclusion, Devika is a must-watch web series that features a unique storyline and powerful performances from the cast. Fans of twisted family dramas and erotic drama are sure to enjoy this web series, and with all episodes available to watch on the Hunters app, there’s no reason not to check it out. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the captivating story of Devika.

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