Rain Basera Part 3 Web Series Watch Online All Episodes on Ullu App

Rain Basera Part 3 Watch Online

Rain Basera Part 3, the erotic-drama web series, has gained massive popularity among fans and critics alike for its compelling storytelling and excellent performances. The web series features Bharti Jha and Hiral Radadiya in the lead roles and consists of 4-6 episodes of 25-30 minutes each. The web series is available to watch online on the official Ullu app, and the new episodes were released on 21 April 2023.

Rain Basera Part 3 is the latest addition to Ullu’s popular web series that have entertained viewers with their engaging plots and captivating performances. Previously, Ullu released Imli web series featuring Nehal Vadoliya in the lead role. However, Rain Basera Part 3 is entirely different, set in a local rural area among bohemians, and gives a different vibe.

Bharti Jha portrays the character of Deepa, who is getting blackmailed by one of her teammates. She initially brushes it off but later decides to give in and halt the situation temporarily after discussing it with her boyfriend. Meanwhile, Hiral Radadiya falls in love with a stranger and finds it challenging to escape from the prostitution she is involved in.

In the second episode of the web series, Bharti Jha finds herself trapped from all sides. Her husband becomes more brutal with each passing day, and her boyfriend asks her to steal all the money and run away with him. On the other hand, Hiral Radadiya struggles to leave her prostitution business despite her love for the stranger.

Rain Basera Ullu Web Series Watch Online

In the third episode, both protagonists have different endings. Bharti Jha manages to run away from her dreary past life with the help of her boyfriend, while Hiral Radadiya decides to end things with the stranger and not go with him.

The web series features an impressive cast, including Kailash Vyas as Surmesh, Litesh Pawar as Rohan, Raj Kapoor as Raju, Mukesh Yadav as Rakesh, Mitlesh Kumar as Rakesh, and Sahil Sagar as Gaurav. Bharti Jha and Hiral Radadiya’s captivating performances keep the audience hooked to the screen.

Overall, Rain Basera Part 3 is an excellent addition to Ullu’s web series collection. The engaging plot, combined with brilliant performances, keeps the audience entertained throughout. The new episodes released on 21 April 2023 have received positive responses from fans, and it promises to deliver more exciting and thrilling web series in the future.

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